Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Badgers & Gophers

This is a badger hole right at the edge of our road. It's quite large; you can't tell from this picture, but that hole is about eight inches in diameter.

Badgers are ferocious but I can't help myself, I go look anyway, trusting it will stay below if indeed it's even still there. Probably not.

Scott says badgers can hear young gophers in their underground burrows, and they very quickly dig straight down — making a hole like this — and slurp them up.

It's turned cold and windy here again, dammit.
I turned up the furnace when I got home tonight. Down-filled jacket in the morning, I guess.
But after the warm few days we've had, the snow's gone from all around the yard and the driveway's dried up. I didn't have to wear my rubber boots to the office today. Woo hoo! Yay, Blundstones!

Also, Dad's coming out near the end of May for TWO MONTHS. This is a minor miracle, as he hasn't wanted to spend that much time here for more than two decades. It'll be nice to have him around for so long.