Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hum de Dum de Dum

Everett shaping bread dough

Note: one of the tricks to making 100% whole wheat bread that is not brick-squat and heavy is using water at this stage instead of flour on your work surface and hands.

Everett is happy in the kitchen now that he's got his laptop hooked up to high speed and can listen to podcasts of his favourite CBC radio programs, like Quirks and Quarks (science), Wire Tap, and others.

Kate in NY: for interest's sake following our discussion of fuel oil prices, Sian in the Orkney Islands gets her oil delivered by boat.

Reply to comment: Lorna, you mentioned supporting small business through what sounds like microfinancing. Is it Kiva you're working with?

If so, I'm involved with that one too. I'm a very small lender, but here's the profile of the business I chose to lend my $25 to:

He pays his loan back a few dollars at a time and I often think hell, it would be so easy for me to just give it to him. But the "hand up, not handout" plan is a good one. I'll definitely be re-lending that $25 when my borrower has paid it back, and putting more cash toward this particular cause at some point. It's a simple and inexpensive way for us "little" people over here to help other "little" people who have so much less than we do.


Emil and gang made it back to Wadena at 10 last night, having left the city at 5. What is a two- to three-hour trip for most of us takes longer because pit-stops require more time when you're transporting people with physical challenges. Apparently Emil was anxious to phone home and tell me all about his adventure but it was late, so I went to bed slightly worried that they'd had trouble on the road due to ice and blowing snow. Not that there was anything I could have done, if they had.