Friday, February 24, 2012

Fridays are My Favourites

Birdie, not yet one year old

Up early, half an hour on the couch with my coffee already, getting the cobwebs out of my head. Trevor A. has just walked in the door and is at the kitchen table with Scott, totting up hours for pay, so I’ve retreated to the office in my housecoat, bedhead and all. With a fuzzy blanket over my lap, I’m cosy in here. I’m actually gungho to get to work, but making myself take time to do some personal stuff first.

And by 8:16 I’m eating a fried egg sandwich on a bun and working!

Usually I'm just starting my office hours, but today I've already got my allotted amount of Friday work finished and will, after taking a break to walk and stretch my muscles, sit back down here and work a few hours ahead. It's good to be ahead of the game!

The forecast is for a snowstorm that includes this part of the province, which means I might get a lot of time in over the weekend as well. The disappointment might be that Cathy R won't be able to come out Sunday afternoon as planned if the roads get too crazy.

Have you seen this TED talk? It's called Can We Eat to Starve Cancer? Watch it online. Well worth a look.

It's cold out there today, I don't want to go............!!!!! And I have to eat something first. It's easy to forget to eat, and foolish.