Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lazy Sunday Morning

Email to Dad:

Kind of an interesting article.

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Never did get outside yesterday! but by cracky, I got all those goddamn dishes done. 

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From my handwritten journal 
Sunday May 22 2005

Mom didn't eat today. She couldn't lift a glass of water to her lips. She told Reta (When? Not sure, but Reta told me today) she dreamed that her friend Mary Jo was going through the clothes in Mom's closet and Mom told her not to worry, that her three girls could wear her tops and that Karen had the same size bum as her and would be able to wear her pants.

I told Reta that's funny, Mom always said Karen and Joan have no bums and I am the one with a big bum like hers. 

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Another page in the same journal: