Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wildlife I Have Seen

Back when I first started reading blogs, they were called "online journals" and there were only a handful of them.
One writer, who called herself Firedrake, always rode her bicycle to and from work and when she blogged, she'd list the roadkill she'd seen that day.
Sometimes I see quite a lot of wildlife and it has occurred to me to list them, in a kind of hearkening back to Firedrake and wondering what ever became of her and her blogging habit.

I saw this beauty while leaving my sister Karen's one afternoon. I stopped, turned around and went back to try for a closeup, but naturally it flew off. I could see that it didn't have the markings of the red-tailed hawk that is so common around here:
It doesn't look like any of the hawks in my Birds of Saskatchewan book. Anyone know?
And then one day at the news office:

CLICK HERE to read about this friendly Canada goose that followed me from a neighbouring yard to the front step of the Wadena News.