Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eleven Years and Counting

At the liquor store

 I have just spent three days feeling like shit (as you'll know if you've checked out my tarot card for today, which will now be found under Madam Katrinka Reads Tarot Cards, link in the left column), but am on the mend now, I hope. Tomorrow morning will tell.

And no, it's not due to the booze. I thought so on the first morning I woke up with the "neck thing," because Joanne had mixed up those delicious margaritas the night before. I'd only drank one, though, and already started feeling the migraine coming, so stopped there.

The next morning I awoke with it yet again, but by mid-morning felt better, and had a beer with supper. So the following morning I blamed it on alcohol and swore off the stuff forevermore.

Alas, yesterday morning it was the same shit, and I'd had nothing to drink. And this morning, again. What the hell? It seems I may never know what to do to prevent these damn things.

Enough about my maladies, old lady that I am. Gladly, these are my only maladies; at least, the only ones that knock me on my ass.

Today is 11 years since Scott and I fell for each other.  While I'm still in my housecoat (nothing like a lazy Sunday) and he's walking around in his boxers (taking a break from working with cattle), perhaps we had best go mark that anniversary in an adult way. You know, with a hearty game of pinochle.

If you're as scarf-challenged as I am, go see Schmutzie's tutorial called How To Tie a Wind and Fushnicken Resistant Scarf Knot. Click here.
Bless her wee heart'ie.