Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recycling Hell

Can't say as I find recycling convenient in the least. Everything has to be sorted before they'll take it: tin cans, glass, plastic, newsprint, office paper, magazines, cardboard, refundables; all separate. What you see above is what I prepared yesterday to take out for dropoff at the recycling depot in town; had to make three trips to the driveway to get it all loaded up. It's a pain in the butt, and it ain't pretty in the porch, either. And this is only a couple months worth of stuff!

Here's the sorting system as it looks after the backbreaking labour has been done:

My request is that when Scott gets around to renovating the porch, he will incorporate a closet with doors that can be closed so we don't have to look at this eyesore, which is usually overflowing. Drives me nuts. Still I shall carry on, ugly as it is, because when I see that pile of "garbage" up there and realize how much waste from my home was going into the landfill, before ... well, shame on me if I don't set my esthetic preferences aside and do the responsible thing.

One of Scott's clients gave him this boot-dryer. He came in at the end of the day, all pleased, and I expected the thing to be simply a boot rack that could be set over a heat register. But no! It actually plugs in and heats up. Who knew? I continue to learn something new every day, even at my ripe old age.