Friday, April 20, 2012

Goo Moo?

Emil's household is going to a dance tomorrow night, so he decided to stay in town this weekend. I had a massage appointment though, so went in anyway and my boy and I got a bite to eat before picking up groceries.

The new owners of the Good Luck Diner on Main Street are not fluent in English. They are Chinese and methinks they may even be brand new immigrants. To order our meals, I had to help the husband/cook/waiter understand Emil, who tends to speak quickly and run his words somewhat lazily together. For myself, I pointed at something in the chop suey section of the menu called "goo moo mei pau" or thereabouts, enquiring what it is. What I could comprehend of the reply was "chicken" so I thought it worth the risk, assuming it would have lots of veggies. Which it did ... mmm mmm mmm ... loads of fresh mushrooms and celery ... as you can see, I made a pretty good dint in it. The rest, including most of the chicken and the entire bowl of rice, came home for Scott.

It was so cold here today that I expected snow; however, it started to rain while we were in the café ... which warmed things up.

Ducky in Heaven on Earth

Sorry ladies; I am not permitted to share with you the full visual splendor of my spouse's masculine pulchritude. He requested that I crop him out of the photos.
But at least you can imagine the pleasure of his attentions ... look at Ducky here, enjoying a cuddle and a caress.