Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busy Week Ahead

A horned grebe is out behind my house this morning; this is a first, for me; maybe it will nest here! (Photo from Eagle Wing Tours)

Yes, we live in a slough! as Scott says. But can't you see it's worth it?


Get out there and spoil your mothers, all of you, if you're still lucky enough to have one. Or a grandmother.
Or a mother-in-law. This is mine, in the light blue top, and beside her in the violet is her sister.

Kate, Pat, Ann, Leithe, Kathy (a.k.a.KateduNord)

I should be out with Scott and his mom and aunt, at the Mother's Day brunch in Kuroki, but instead I've decided to work for a few hours before I have to run out for the afternoon. Tomorrow we're driving Reta and Carl (my aunt and uncle) to Saskatoon to spend a day with friends before they fly back to Phoenix. This afternoon I have to take Emil to see them; they're staying at Neil and Rose's (my other uncle and aunt). A dear friend (Luanne) is coming Thursday and staying till Saturday. You can see I need to work ahead. Or, I do if I want to get paid. Or enjoy my time with friends and family. I could always pull off a power weekend after Luanne leaves, and will if I have to, but to have my work done in advance ... now that's the ticket to satisfaction. Though I must say, my work seems more inspired when I'm under pressure. That's when the brilliant ideas come, if any.

Yesterday afternoon the gals above (fondly called the Likeminded Ladies because of shared interests) dropped in for tea. They brought me a lovely potted plant, which I've got indoors because it's so damn cold out. When I walked them out to their vehicles after we nibbled on Everett's Chocolate Chews (he found a recipe on the internet for cookies without eggs or flour, and they turned out stellarly), a jacket was required. How do you like mine? Do I not look like a lumberjack? (Jean, your mom and dad gave me this jacket. I think they'd gotten it from Arty.)

All the women in the photo above are mothers.


When I was in my twenties I went to a concert at the Yorkton Exhibition. Tom Jackson was a guest or maybe the opening act, and Buffy Sainte-Marie was the main attraction. I don't remember anything about the concert except this one thing she said: "Every person on this planet must come here through the spirit of a woman." Something like that.


The local greenhouses opened this weekend. In this weather they won't get much of a turnout— doorprizes and draws or not— although many people I suppose are picking up a potted plant for their moms and grandmas.