Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sister Time, Pa, Airports, Sightings and Planes

On the 7th I left for Kelowna without taking my notebook, and didn’t update my blog while away either. It was enough just to focus on all that was going on around me—the driving, the airports and flying, the people, being with Joan and Dad, meeting with some of Joan and Gary’s neighbours, shopping. Slept like a baby in the bed in Jordan’s room; better than I do here at home.
It was short and sweet until the way home when the Calgary to Saskatoon connection left without waiting for our plane from Kelowna to arrive. Karen and I with gritted teeth “enjoyed” airport life for some 12 hours, finally getting to Saskatoon after 1 in the morning. There winter and my sainted friend Cathy were waiting for us.
At least my sister and I had each other’s company and, as Dad remarked, “You two had a good visit then.” No kidding. Fortunately Karen is a doll. We played a game of Scrabble on her iPad, ate two excellent meals (paid for by WestJet, the airline that disappointed me for the first time), checked out the airport stores and watched people.
Didn’t see a lot of lookalikes but when both of us could see someone in a stranger’s face, it was always good for a grin. The first was actor Beau Bridges.
A fellow flyer on my plane out of Edmonton (Karen was already in Kelowna) was travelling minstrel STEPHEN FEARING, who seems to be a lovely person although we only said hello to each other and that probably isn't enough to make any judgment with, is it?  On the plane I coveted the daily newspaper he was reading several rows ahead of me. Instead of finding out what was going on in the world, I read my borrowed murder mystery Night Film by Marisha Pessl. 

Mom’s closest friend Joanne passed away this week, and so did Grandma’s (Mom's mom's) closest friend Pearl.