Saturday, May 17, 2014

Long weekend begins

The grass road into our yard
Once in a while I like to leave CBC radio on all night and hear bits of programs from around the world when I surface into wakefulness from time to time. Last night I learned that sports agents take boys from Africa to other countries to play, and when they don't do as well as hoped, they abandon them to live on the streets. Nasty.

Emil is up, making himself a fried egg. I'm soon off to town for breakfast with my pal Al, and then we're going to check out the garage sales. There are only about three. I plan to spend the afternoon in my flower bed, and then we have a supper invitation. The forecast is for rain to start tomorrow morning. But we've had a couple warm days, quite a treat after the long cold winter and spring. I am pretty sure I can see a tinge of kelly green on the poplar trees in the distance.