Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Simple Is as Simple Does

What is it that makes me happy? Seriously. On a daily basis — What?

  1. A clean kitchen.
I threw out several recipes that can as easily be found online. 

It’s true. Give me a clean kitchen first thing in the morning or right after breakfast, and I’m like to be inspired to actually make use of it. To enjoy myself in it.

Some of yesterday's accomplishments, on their way out to the deep freeze

Conversely, let those dishes pile up and the counters fill, and there is a weight of distaste on me till everything’s clean and tidy again. The more they pile up, the harder it is for me to get started; I may ignore the job altogether until there is no choice.

I decided to use up the tomatoes and peppers in the deep freeze by making salsa.

It would be wise to wash the dishes often, even when there aren’t many, so that there is rarely a buildup. Then I would be happy more often, wouldn’t I? And happiness breeds more happiness.

And then I outdid myself by making oatmeal squares for my sweeth tooth. 

Sometimes it’s the simplest habits that are the most difficult to undertake, to establish and stick to. Even when they are essential to my happiness, or at least contentment. What the hell!


Somewhere lately I read this advice for when you're feeling down or even a little depressed: Get out the broom and sweep a floor. 
I decided to remember it because of its practicality. Who doesn't feel better after sweeping a floor? Even if it's only the floor in one small room, it's one step toward putting a place in order, and doing that changes my mind
Those of you living with clinical depression — feel free to ignore the above. I do not mean to suggest I know anything about that condition, or presume to advise. I'm talking about your run-of-the-mill, everyday crappy mood, not the I-don't-want-to-get-out-of-bed state of being.