Friday, May 6, 2016

Mulie Mama

Yesterday morning as I drove to town, I thought I could see a tinge of green in the distant poplars. It was so faint that I could have been imagining it. But tonight, there is no doubt: the leaves are popping out.

Before pulling into our farmyard I thought I saw a deer standing behind some bush across the road, very still, watching. I stopped and looked, but she was so still she blended in with the grey trees.

Not long after, I headed down the driveway for a short stroll, and there she was, watching.

I stood still and snapped a picture. 
And zoomed in a little. Click to enlarge. Isn't she beautiful? She's a mule deer. 
By the time I zoomed in for the close up, she'd been spooked. Darn it.

She has been in our yard several times over recent days. Scott says she is looking for a safe place to give birth. She has checked out the area next to the barn and I've seen her bounding out the driveway. 

Sometimes I think I should add a "Wild Animals I Have Seen Today" feature to this blog. Usually it would just be birds, I suppose. But lots of them. Lately there's been some kind of swallow-tailed light brown, small hawk about. Hunting the songbirds, I suppose. I'm still waiting to hear a sora and will be sorely disappointed if one doesn't come here this year. The snipes are back, though, with their constant woo-woo-woo-woosh high above as they dive for their supper. Here's one taking a rest: