Saturday, September 6, 2014

Same old, same old

You must get ever so tired of seeing the same landscape photos here all the time. The same road, the same trees, the same dogs. Blah blah blah.
However, that's my life. If you want something different, go to someone else's blog!
It's a pretty simple solution.
Meanwhile, welcome to my world.

Last night Everett came with me to pick up Emil and give him a ride to Everett’s for the weekend. When I dropped them off, Everett said, “Wait a minute. I’ve got something.”
He went in and came out a minute later, handing me a tube of Rolo chocolate candies.
“Ah!” I said. “You DO love me! It can’t be denied!”
“Don’t get too excited,” he replied. “They were on sale.”
“Still,” I insisted, “you remain my sweet boy.”
And he is. Current surly attitude aside (I see it as adding layers of protection over his sensitive nature), I know who is in there underneath it all. Mothers never forget and are difficult to fool.

So far I have spent the day moving stuff so the vacuum can do its work. And doing several loads of laundry. And dyeing two loads of clothing. And sorting and bagging and tying up the recycling and setting it on the step to take to Little Green (car). And heaven knows what else has kept me so busy since getting out of bed this morning. I haven’t washed the bag of soil-laden potatoes yet, as Scott requested, but I did just get them into some water to soften the caked dirt. I haven’t got the chicken into the roaster yet, but it’s on the counter now while the oven preheats. And I did phone our little Rebecca down the road and say “Wanna make 20 bucks?” so she came over and washed the bathroom and kitchen floors for us. I got her to roll up the quarters to pay herself with, as I only have a $5 bill in my wallet.

Next: it’s a sunny day and I will dress against the cool wind that is felt when the sun hides behind a cloud, and go for a walk with my doggy friends.