Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alone Times

It's been three weeks since My Pal Al jaunted off on a Mediterranean cruise, and she returns to the office today.  It'll be good to have her back.

Now I just have to finish this mug of coffee, get dressed, and get out the door . . .  hm, easier said than done . . . I can't help thinking "A's back, so what's the rush for me to get there? I'm not really needed just yet."

I've been alone here at the house since early Saturday morning when Scott left for Calgary. One might have expected the last four days to pass slowly, since I haven't been working or had to be out and around much.  But no. I'm accustomed to being by myself here on my days off so his absence hasn't made a lot of difference. I'll be glad to see him home tonight though. It's reassuring to have another body in the house when it's dark outside your curtainless picture window.