Thursday, October 8, 2015

Be Reasonable: Do It My Way

I’m not as sensitive to discomfort as the girl in The Princess and the Pea. Or am I? 
If I put a double-size blanket on a single bed, the extra weight from the sides of the blanket hanging over the mattress will annoy me all night. 
If I sleep under a duvet that is too large for the bed I’m in, the top always seems to be flopping into my face irritatingly. 
And if I climb into an unmade bed, the sheets and blankets will be bunched up and wrapped around me throughout the night hours so I don’t sleep well. After realizing this, I will always make an unmade bed before trying to sleep in it. Even if Scott's asleep in it, if he has the covers all messed up I will disturb him in order to straighten out the sheet and blankets before I get in. 
There might be some royal blood in me after all.

Overstuffed drawers are inconvenient and confusing. Keeping clothing organized is no easy feat.

It's sometimes necessary to change during the day. Depending on the weather or if I'm going somewhere I hadn't planned, I may take off garments that are not due for the laundry basket after only a few hours of wear. They can be worn again. So what do I do with them? I don't want them back in with the unworn clothes in the drawers or the closet; there are no hooks in the bedroom to hang them on, and when there have been (in other bedrooms) the hooks have been overloaded; there is no chair to throw them over and when there was, there was always a neatly stacked pile of too many clothes on it so the chair was of no use other than as a clothes rack and an eyesore. You can imagine how I felt about that.

I have been trying out a system of my own invention that is keeping my two major drawers from getting on my nerves.
Top drawer: freshly laundered clothing.
Bottom: Worn once, can be worn once more. And I always look there first, before choosing something from the top drawer.
It's working pretty well, thank you very much. How many years has it taken me to come up with this simple plan? Too many.