Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Sister Tries Her Hand at Matchmaking

Dog the Bounty Hunter in my kitchen.

Some years ago a little six-string guitar showed up in my household. I never did find out where it came from, but this morning my brother Cameron tuned it up and provided musical accompaniment to my breakfast-making.

When he and the boys met me in town yesterday afternoon, I couldn't keep the grin off my face. Not because I was so happy to see my kids (which I was) but because I hadn't yet seen Cameron with the long hair and he did, approaching from a slight distance, look just like Dog.

If there are any single ladies out there who might find a 43-year-old Dog type appealing, my brother could use a tune-up by a good woman. He's free and unencumbered and lives and works out of Edmonton. The hair came along after he bought himself a big pig of a motorbike; apparently he wanted to look the part. He appears big and tough, but really he's soft and sweet ... deep down. You might have to be willing to dig a little to see it.