Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mama B and Freight Train

Late afternoon walk

The plan was to take Emil and attend a concert in town tonight: Mama B and Freight Train. (See Shadow House Concerts on Facebook if you live around here). Alas, on Monday I awoke with a cold sore developing beneath my nose, and while it is a lesser lesion than I have had many times before, it remains "sore" (has its name for a reason) and leaves me hardpressed to ignore it and have a good time.

So, I waved my boys out the door and have been reading ... old journals from 1984 ... it seems some things never change ... which is somewhat embarrassing ... and a Deepak Chopra book read once before and not gotten around to a second time till now ... Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.

I've run out of library books, having finished the last one a week ago. Gone Girl kept me guessing right till the end. Not about whodunnit, but what was going to happen. Would there be another murder?

I need a good biography.

Thinking William Blake could be of interest.

On his deathbed he sang for several hours, otherworldly songs that he'd never sung before apparently. I want to know more about that.

Here's Mama B & Freight Train; this is what I'm missing, and so are you:

The audience at the Anglican church tonight will be listening, and quiet. I sent the camera with Scott and hope he'll take some video, if he's not too shy.

Lots of people can sing, but not all of us have a voice that compels listening. This lady sure does.

Saturday in Saskatchewan

Me 'n Emil, we're going for a drive.
Scott's advice: "A short drive might break up ice [somewhere on vehicle], which may be the reason the tires seem to be shaking at a certain speed. Try that first."

Snow is melting off the roof of the tractor shed today.
Winter's nearly over!

I've given myself a day off. Really off.

Night Visit

The boys have been working in the yard, doing something at the granaries, with an auger and a tractor. I don't know half the time what's going on.

Scott's brother has taken my van to drive home, just a mile down the road, and a truck is out there for hours in the dark, and it looks like Scott is trying to jimmy the driver's door open and finally succeeds, but then a passenger gets out, no one I can recognize in the distance, and from time to time I look out and see Scott still standing there, literally bending his elbow.

His cousin had come over to borrow something, it turned out, and had his daughter along. The fellas managed to get in a good jaw, apparently, and my guess is that Althea spent her time on the phone. She's a teenager now. I babysat her once.

Baby Althea: CLICK HERE.
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