Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tree Hugger

Damn right I am.

Here is the largest tree in Wadena that I know of, directly south of the news office.

Waiting for Emil to get into the car. 
It's been a quiet day at home; not much to tell.
I worked five hours for the newspaper. Did dishes. Took work calls for Scott. Set the roomba to work in the hallway and the porch. Took the dogs and went for a walk. Filled the birdfeeders. Made something new for supper but didn't have all the ingredients so had to wing it. Was okay but would be fab with everything the recipe calls for. Did dishes again. Rubbed Scott's feet (my turn) before he went out to visit a couple of pals. I'm about to climb into bed and read.
Just another day.
Life's pretty good most of the time, isn't it?