Friday, June 20, 2014

Fair Weekend

My pal Al and her brother head toward Main Street to have supper together after a hard day's work.
I should have gotten out of the car and taken a better picture, but ... Alison and I had just left the office and Emil was waiting for me, so I snapped this through the windshield and carried on my merry way.

It's been a wet day. The town fair, which started this evening, had to move indoors to the rec centre, and the horse and ball events planned for the sports grounds have been cancelled because the earth is soaked.

Emil and I had one stop to make before driving home: the store, where we picked up the ice cream cake he requested for his birthday tomorrow. He turns 26 and it is strange to remember the tiny fellow with the high voice that he was, and then look at this full-grown guy who doesn’t resemble that baby boy at all anymore. Except that he still loves his mother. And food. And is slightly fascinated by fans.

Dad is en route from Kelowna and expects to arrive here tomorrow. Haven't seen him since last June and — holy shit, a year already! — although we either talk by phone or text most every day, it's even better to lay eyes on him.