Sunday, May 30, 2010


I can only use one cup of sourdough starter at a time, so had to settle for a small batch of bread. This time. When I find a recipe I like, I'll put another batch of starter together so there will be enough to make six loaves.

This is called egg and yogurt bread. It is moist and soft (I sliced the crusts myself, before baking, to differentiate these loaves from the others in the freezer), and besides whole wheat flour it contains wheat bran, wheat germ, and rye flour.

Alas it's not the flavour I'm craving these days.

Whenever possible I put sesame and sunflower seeds in our daily bread, but lately it seems bland to me — even when toasted — which is why I decided to make sourdough for the first time in years. It has its own unique flavour, which is the one that got me baking whole wheat breads back in the day.

However ... I'll try something different next week, when it's time to replenish the starter with some fresh flour and water.

Thinkin' maybe a raisin rye, which is not a sourdough but might satisfy my desire for serious taste.