Monday, December 13, 2010

Apples of Me Eeee

Goofy Pair

Emil came out to spend Saturday night with us, and he and his brother came into the bedroom to see me for a few minutes on Sunday while I was propped up, reading. He likes the new house we moved him into, "It's nice and quiet," he tells us.

Still no closet doors hung. I'll remind Scott yet again to "get right on that." Maybe I should put it on my Christmas wish list? The one year I made a list of things I might like, he went out and bought everything on it. Man, I felt spoiled and lucky. But I don't dare do it again; I'd feel I was taking advantage.


"There are only 300 northern right whales left, and 99% of blue whales have been wiped out... I've just signed an urgent global petition supporting a new treaty to prevent mass extinction. The petition will be delivered Friday at UN talks in Japan -- check out the email below and sign on here."