Saturday, October 25, 2014

Jimmy's in Saskatchewan

Usually one enjoys a live concert more if the music has been heard before, and I have heard it but I'm still having a listen to some Jimmy Rankin tunes before attending his show. His videos are playing on my desktop but I'm not watching, just listening.

Rankin writes gorgeous songs with the hauntingest melodies and has a supple sweet voice that's a real pleasure to listen to. He's got so much good stuff it's hardly possible to pick just one video to put here. Is there any chance you don't know who he is? Nah.

 Jimmy Rankin sings songs you (OK, I) can't help singing harmony to. That's my favourite kind.
And this, one of his more recent, makes me want to go for a drive with Scott.

And after you listen to it (and sing along. You will.) you should find a shitload more videos with nice, nice Jimmy Rankin tunes online.

And with that helpful advice, I leave you and go for a walk:

Chicken coop and storage shed.
Barn and ? Darned if i know what that building is for.
Dugout in back yard.
Back yard.

Tractor shed

Think these trees on the left will ever fill in after the deer chewed them up a couple winters ago?