Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Da Boyds

My first impression, before taking a second and closer look, was that the yellow pansies had suddenly and miraculously spread into the grass. My little friends here, American goldfinches, are regulars at the birdfeeders in the spring but we see a lot less of them in that particular spot lately, so this bunch was a surprise. Usually you just see a flash of bright yellow whizzing past, although one summer a little male (the brighter ones; the females are the muted yellow) followed me around the yard, chatting. Apparently I was in his territory and had best watch my step.

A pair of hairy woodpeckers have been feeding their little one out here. It clings to the tree trunk and the parent (the male and female take turns with it) deposits a sunflower seed into a small hole in the trunk, smashes the shell, then puts the seed into the baby's beak. The baby is bigger than the parent, or perhaps it just looks that way because it's fluffier. After a while you can see the baby start to think that maybe he should give it a try himself, though I haven't seen it actually take action, yet. I guess when something's working for you as it is, why change?