Monday, May 3, 2010

Luck of the Draw

On the table next to my desk

“Woohoo, I do have some luck!” I said out loud to myself after hanging up the phone. Marilou called early this morning to tell me I’d won the first-prize draw from the greenhouse – a 12-inch potted petunia. So I guess I’ll have a petunia after all. I’d decided not to buy any annuals this year because I saved seed from calendula, zinnias, cosmos and poppies in the fall. But I also know I’ll see the old standbys as I stroll the greenhouse aisles and pick some up in spite of myself, for instant colour in the garden.
So I’ll have at least one lonely little petunia in my onion patch thanks to Althea, now 7, who pencilled my name and phone number on a scrap of paper and stuck it into a plastic pail with the others while I sipped black coffee from a styrofoam cup, ate an iced doughnut, and squeezed down the aisles of greenery to see what her mother was offering for sale this year. All the usuals, but it was so miserable outside I wasn’t in the mood to load up on six-packs of flowers. I approved the two-tone rosebush my sweetie liked and had offered to buy for me, and that was enough. When we get some warm weather I’ll do a proper shop.
For now, I’m hauling two huge, leafy potted tomatoes and the rosebush out of the porch and onto the step when the sun’s shining, and worrying that they’re getting chilled by the icy wind. “Wilt a little,” I said to them, “if it’s too cold for you out here. Brrr. I’m going back in.”
Yes of course I talk to my plants. Don’t you?
At tea time I went out and stood under the sun with my travel mug to look down at the weeds that are growing like themselves, and then up at the birds. There were six hawks circling high above my head and calling, to each other I presume. Six! Could that be a set of parents and their offspring from last year? A wild guess.
These didn't look like the usual red-tailed hawks I see everywhere I go, but they might have been. Hard to tell from so far beneath.
The fuchsia peony that was ruthlessly dug up and transplanted last spring, before leafing out and then drying up, is poking a red tip from the ground. Yay! You were right, Maggie -- it made it. The shasta daisies are making an appearance this week. In this cold, I wonder why. Guess they know what they're doing. Plants can be trusted to grow no matter what you do to them, it seems.

We should have a litter of kittens here any day now, too. Kiersten Kat is starting to look like she's got a cardbox box in her belly.
Wonder where she'll have them; in the loft? in the toolshed? in the doghouse? Never know, with cats. Looking forward to it though. That is, if Kiersten remains safely on the job. Every year Everett finds a litter of kittens near death, starved and freezing, their mother disappeared; and guess who ends up with them in her house, helping feed them a milk formula with eye droppers and wiping their wee bums with a damp cloth? You have to, or they won't "void." Yeah. I don't look forward to that; or to the thought that once Everett leaves home, I'll be doing it by myself. Kids can be pretty handy to have around.