Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It can't be helped.  You want to walk down it.

South of my driveway.
It's funny what the camera does. It draws everything close, so that you don't see all the open spaces beside the road.

These bins are more than a mile away. Considerably more.


When you're having major surgery on your chest, methinks you're one-armed for a while after.
Thus I've been prepping freezable foodstuffs for Rick and Faye, who is the chief cook over at their place and the one having an operation.

They were over last week for a drink and I sent them home with meat loaves and tomato soup.

Scott made his delicious tomato soup, which I ran through the blender and ladled into plastic jars to freeze. Just thaw, add milk, and heat.
I made lasagna casseroles (one of Mom's recipes) on the weekend.
And yesterday I made packages of meatballs.

I've worked my way through all my favourite ground beef dishes. Oh no, I haven't! There's still spaghetti casserole, chili, and bean dish.

Next: chicken.

New Specs

Am I in trouble here?
These glasses are fine for everything but reading on the computer screen, so far. A girl needs more than a pinprick-sized area that isn't blurry, and shouldn't have to rubberneck all over the place, throwing her neck out of whack, to find the one tiny spot where letters are clear.

That will never do!

We'll see what happens when I tackle the book stack tonight. But then it's three straight days at the computer desk. Practically a trial by fire.


Sunny day, warmish with cool breeze.
Long telephone chat with Luanne.
Trip to town to pick up new glasses.
Weird things. Might be a bit tough getting used to the reading-on-computer part.
But I'll give it three weeks and keep my fingers crossed.

Took Everett's refundables to the depot and dropped off the resulting $8.45 to him at work.

Picked up a bagful of groceries.

Walked in the door to find this on the kitchen table:

My note on top, Scott's beneath. 
So ... he is requesting a hearty late supper ...  then what does "Not K" mean?
It is a mystery.
Also, did we both make a K the same way?

I see one of them is out on a swather in the oats, as Scott had hoped for today.