Friday, May 20, 2011

Gorgeous Days

We both need a haircut.


Took my coffee onto the step after Scott woke me, and watched a pair of geese plus an interloper at the dugout — the pair doing a performance thing with their necks and heads, or maybe only sounding an alarm — and Everett joined me for a while, till I got him to dig three deep holes under the oaks and move three delphiniums over. So glad he is here to help me, because that job requires weight and strength I don’t have.

I’ve watered all the recently transplanted violas and the cosmo, calendula, bachelor button and wildflower seeds, and scattered the red poppy seeds along with zinnia seed from the year before last, which is unlikely to do anything but what the hell, never know.

Also watered yesterday’s greenhouse purchases: five green pepper plants and two packs of petunias. Marilou didn’t have portulaca, nicotiana or jalepenos for sale, and I forgot to look for a new rosebush while I was there (I've planted one in memory of Mom every spring since she ... went. It's hard to find a word I can stand to write). It looks like the five already here did not fare well over winter. They seem to have died back almost completely. Scott warns me the yard needs to be torn up so none of the existing flowerbeds are safe, and there's not much point in buying another bush this year. But I still want to.

And that’s my day so far. I’ve just sat down to work. Everett and I are going to town in a few hours to do laundry, pick up Emil for the long weekend, and buy groceries. Supper will need making and I'll want to do some hoeing, then get another hour’s paying work in tonight. We’ll see. The days seem particularly plump full when the sun is warm and calls me outdoors, if even only for short walks around the yard.


Almost forgot to give the farm report! I am such a bad "farm wife."
Scott's been in the field for the past two days; lots of tractors pulling equipment in the fields now. I do not know if they are cultivating, or harrowing. I think cultivating. Doesn't harrowing come after seeding?