letter of credit (aunt alma's yukon)

Whitehorse, Yukon

My great-great aunt Alma Jones was a nurse who worked in northern Canada; to be precise, it was at Mayo.

She travelled quite a bit in Europe while nursing during World War II, and brought back a number of things that have been passed down in the family, first to her sister Annie May Jones (my great-grandmother), then to my little Grandma Doris and Grandma's sister, my Aunt Jean (who also remained single and actually resembled Aunt Alma, I figure) and their brother Uncle Bob (bachelor to his dying day), then to Mom and her three siblings, and to their kids, who include me and my sisters.

I have the honour of caring for her photographs and postcards of life in the Yukon.

Aunt Alma nursed in the Mayo area.

If you click on these images, they enlarge.

Did Aunt Alma spend her free time canoeing on the river? There are a number of natural scenery pictures, which I haven't scanned. Could people take day trips on the paddlewheelers?
This was likely a colleague at the nurses' residence in Mayo. 
Hauling logs
Chateau Mayo
Mail cab fallen through ice
The ore house (I lived in a cabin exactly like this once upon a time!)

In middle age Aunt Alma married a fellow she called Cookie and I think they either lived in or travelled around the States.

I have a gorgeous wide golden brass bracelet that belonged to her. I have her set of copper tea and coffee kettles from France.

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  1. Thanks for posting your great-great aunt Alma Jones story and the photo. I grew up in Mayo, Yukon and have heard of Alma Jones, though I was born after she was no longer in Mayo. The doctor who delivered me has written that he worked with your great-great aunt Alma in Mayo. I have a photo of the hospital where she worked from later years before it was taken down. If you are interested in a copy you can reach me at hburian@telus.net.


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