Saturday, January 22, 2011

Colour and Light

Getting the green light

Everett and I trudged through the deep snow to the old house to pick up my colour lamp. Scott was feeling so terrible that in spite of the antibiotics I figured it was time to bring out the secret weapon: green light. Yeah, you heard me. Call it voodoo if you will, but over the years I have experienced the green light's beneficial effects from time to time and I figure even if the results aren't drastic, so what?
Lying under the green light does seem to make things happen that you might think would happen anyway, kind of like the way things seem to happen "naturally" after you've taken herbs for a condition. If you feel nauseated, the green light sometimes hurries things along and you end up running to the bathroom before it's shone on you for a half hour. In Scott's case, it got him moving a lot of gunk out of his chest.
Or maybe the antibiotics were kicking in. They could be. They should be.
In which case, the green light is only some extra "insurance." Or let's call it a mood enhancer.
Now that I've got it here and set up in the bedroom, I'm going to do some regular light therapy to prevent my migraines. I've always only pulled the lamp out when situations got severe and difficult to treat.
The way it works is by interacting with your energy field. There is a variety of colour plates that can be used. Different light affects our energy, our aura; it's simple. Look at what is being done with lasers nowadays and you'll get some idea what I'm talking about. The laser is made of light. A few years ago a university in Texas was having positive results treating cancer tumours with light.
The science is fascinating, but I don't spend time researching. I just use the lamp and find that it makes a difference. Lying under a coloured light can be strangely comforting, too, and methinks a lot of healing comes about through feeling warm and relaxed.


It sounds like the rescue ranch is going to take 4 of the farm's 7 horses that need new homes, so that is half the problem solved. Now we just have to hire someone to haul the great beasts, as apparently the  cattle-hauling system isn't in tip-top shape for winter roads.


Everett hates it when I tease him by saying matter-of-factly, after I’ve had to explain some simple thing or remind him of something, “See? This is why you still need your mother.”


Here's a link to a site that explains colour therapy a little: click here.

Oh, and speaking of horses, here is one of my favourite urls: click here, then turn your speakers up and click on the horses.