Friday, July 22, 2011

One Less Flowerbed

When I said I was downsizing my flower gardens, I wasn't kidding. For three summers I hand-weeded around this ugly old piece of farm machinery (it may be an "antique" but it's still ugly) at the end of the driveway, where I'd put in edging and planted daisies, poppies and wildflower seed. Last summer the ditch near it was so full of water that a cat-tail started growing in the flowerbed. This year the water in the ditch has crept even closer, so I said "To hell with it, let it do what it wants." And so it has.

I still haven't posted the Stop sign properly, but at least it might make a driver think twice before blasting onto the road, where you can't see a vehicle coming because the grass in the ditches is so tall.

We've got cooler days, which I prefer to the extreme heat. I like being able to use the oven. The other day I made biscuits to go with a bean soup, and cookies, and a big batch of granola. Today I've got supper in there, hoping the oven will warm up the house a little. My fingers are cold as I sit here. Better get moving. Maybe immersing them in hot dishwater would do the trick?

Was in Kelvington today for a doctor's appointment and stopped in afterwards to visit with my niece Cara and her three kids (five and under). Had the camera along so there will be photos tomorrow, or when I get around to posting them.

By the way, Everett's application to the Digital Media and Internet Technology program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) has been accepted, so he'll start classes in September. He plans to live in Edmonton with his dad for the two years required by the course.