Friday, September 30, 2016

What the Experts Say

The internet gurus say that if you're frequently changing the layout and design of your webpage, it's because the design isn't very good and that's why you're never satisfied.

And while this is likely true, it's not the only reason the layout and design of this webpage are always changing.

The reason is that I like to play with them and I can, so I do. It's fun and it's one way of learning. Granted, it's a slow and pathetic learning curve and there is no expert instructor to actually teach me anything. But as one fiddles around and tries this, that and the other thing, one picks up skills and tips. And that's a good thing.

Out on 15, the blackbirds are flocking. Their chatter in the trees, if you turn your head just so, sounds like water running.

The gurus say that frequent visitors like to see the same thing every time they come to your webpage. They like familiar places and sights. 

Is this true for you? Do you find it disconcerting when you come here and something is different?