Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A May Day

Sourdough starter, ready to use tomorrow.

It's been icy cold and windy for several days, so I've been indoors most of the time. I've dragged bedding plants, tomato pots and the rose bush back into the porch, and covered some flowers last night and tonight that I apparently jumped the gun by transplanting already.

You'd think being inside would mean lots of time to update here, wouldn't you? It should work that way; can't say why it hasn't. Nothing happening? Sure, that makes sense.

And here's the little lost puppy, whose owner was found within a day and came and picked him up. We almost hated to see him go.

And last but not least, see the horrible furniture we bought in August. Microfibre that you are not supposed to scotchguard, that holds onto lint, hair and everything else that floats by, and you can't get it off with a clothes brush, a vacuum cleaner, or a sticky brush without going to great extremes. Like tweezers, and pulling things off one at a time. Even then you have to work at it. I imagine that unless a solution is found, this stuff will be hoofed out as soon as we can convince ourselves we've gotten our money's worth from it. It wasn't expensive, fortunately. But it sure as hell was expensive considering the garbage that it is. We didn't buy it from Sears, by the way, but they have it in one of their sale catalogues. Don't buy it. Or, if you are Super Housekeeper and can suggest a solution, please do.

Heard on the radio today that the chemicals used to make green paint are dangerous to humans. Some to make certain other colours are, too. Damn, we're screwed.

Can anyone tell me how to put pictures into an entry conveniently when there is more than one? Man, I hate being dumb. I upload them all, but then add some text, need to move them, and they don't let me drag them over to where I want — well, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. And sometimes I just say to hell with it. I'm sure there is a simple and obvious solution that is too simple and obvious for my small but powerful brain to grasp alone. Usually the answer comes to me the moment I hit Publish Post, so I realize within moments what a doofus I am, and so does everyone else!

Tonight, my photos keep disappearing as I work on this entry. Think I'll upload that furniture pic one last time, then go to bed and read.