Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Around the Yard

Wildflower bed. I cheated by adding poppy seeds this spring and violas last year.

The cat-tails and water in the ditch are sneaking up on the plough.

The new rain gauge, and part of the slough.

Noticed this in the lilac trees along the driveway last night. Don't know what kind of bird ... maybe a goldfinch.

Everett says he'll remember to use this rock for my headstone. The path of woolly thyme leads into the herb garden. This year there's only thyme, oregano, lavendar and feverfew among the poppies and brown-eyed susans.

Hens and chicks. The hens look like they're going out to a party with their hair all done.

It's only the peppers, on the right hand side, that aren't doing very well. They need less rain and more heat.

These daisies are in a bush that stands as high as the bottom of my rib cage. They're huge.