Friday, October 21, 2016

Walking & Chewing Gum? No!

A generous gift from my great-aunt, Aunt Jean, was used to purchase my Cort acoustic bass guitar a good long time ago. I've played the same three bass runs since I was about 24 years old! and never stuck with it or gotten any more skilled. I couldn't even sing and play at the same time! and that's saying something. Like: Give it up and do something that comes naturally.

I pick up the guitar for enough days in a row to get my fingers calloused and to the point where they know what they're doing and will play by themselves (it's the coolest thing!), then I forget about it for weeks at a time or months.

Since being at home full-time this past month I've made a point of playing those same old bass runs most days. I'm still a beginner but it is fun, and I'm all about having some fun every damn day. I've even started humming along sometimes, a major advance for this poor fumbler.

A song has been added to my brief list. The bass is simple and the words are worth learning too. Fun! I don't sing in public and don't want to, but offered to do my part with the following at the Engdahl family reunion a couple summers ago if my sister Karen would play the guitar. The Engdahls would've liked the humour in this one. Karen didn't take me up on the idea and I was just as glad when the time came. Knowing I am about to get up in front of everyone and sing is a horrible feeling. When Karen and our sister Joan's turn came to perform something for the gang, I was so relieved it wasn't me. What was I thinking! A lot of the Engdahls are natural entertainers, but I didn't get that particular gene.

Morgan was in Wadena doing a show with Doc MacLean some years ago.

The fourth bass run I always practise is this one from Desperado. It doesn't get "fun" to play till the chorus, so I jump to that a lot more quickly than they do here:

My sister once asked if playing the bass was boring and I said it isn't, but actually the real "fun" of it is when someone joins in on rhythm and/or lead guitar, which was the case when I had a guitar-playing beau, the one who showed me those first three bass runs. The guitars together is what makes the more sedate fingerwork of the bass so worthwhile. I never play with anyone else so I don't get that pleasure. Maybe someday. You can have a lot of fun playing bass when by yourself too, and I do.