Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Barn Swallows

Seen on the way into the Credit Union. The third ducked back into the nest.

The adult birds were very busy feeding these little fellas.

A pump is running constantly at the dugout behind our house, and when it quits during the day, I tramp out there, refill the gas tank, and pull the cord to start it again.
But I did enjoy a few silent moments this evening before steeling myself to put up with the noise once more. The cold wind that enveloped us most of the morning had vanished and I'd spent a couple hours deadheading shasta daisies and yanking up the most gigantic dandelions I've ever seen. I managed to stick some more purple coneflowers into the ground after rescuing them a week or two ago from a sweltering greenhouse. Tomorrow: another half-dozen delphiniums go in. I'm still waffling about where.