Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stubblejumpin' Time o' Year

The sun is shining on the stubble (one of my favourite colours but this pic doesn't show its brightness) and I'm just returned from a walk across the field under all its sunny gloriousness. Gloriosity. Glory-illiance. Whatever. It's nice out. Oh I wore a heavy plaid jacket and had to take it off and put it back on a hundred times when the cold wind would come up and bite, but still ... as fall days go, this one is turning out to be a treat. Not shorts weather, but close enough.

Oh, am I boring you? So sorry. I should talk about how my husband is drinking, chasing women, and beating me when he rolls in with a hangover the next morning — something a little more dramatic — but since none of that is happening, I can't. Or maybe I should tell you about the life-threatening disease I've just found out I have? Can't, healthy like horse. Or maybe how sick I am of doing all the dishes by hand and by myself -- which would be true -- but no less boring for you. Besides if I put on good music I can actually enjoy the time spent with my hands in the sink. If I don't pressure myself to hurry up and finish, it's relaxing and pleasant.

Sigh. It's not that I don't have my frustrations, believe me; or that I don't think folks of a certain political or religious bent aren't complete nutbars; there are disappointments in my life, of course, and people are usually the cause of them, and I do talk with my close friends about them, get things off my chest that way.

But damn, it's turned into a gorgeous day out there and at the moment I'm just feeling pretty darn lucky.