Saturday, July 2, 2011

Margo is 100 Years Old

lovely lupins

Just realizing that right now, my flower garden contains a lot of pink, in various hues. There is a pink peony ablaze; there are several different pink painted daisies; there are pink columbines; there are pink "pinks." I'm not complaining; just sayin'.

Looks like the shasta daisies are preparing to bloom any day now. Seems early, but what do I know. Plants do what they want and I am never sure what to expect, with one spring's weather so different from the year before.

This weekend my home town is celebrating 100 years since it came into existence. It used to be a bigger and busier place, back in the day, but now is pretty quiet in comparison to my growing-up years, when it had a school from grades 1 to 12 (it now has none) and a bustling Main Street. We're probably lucky if 150 people live there and on the surrounding farms now.

They've planned all kinds of activities, from a parade to two dances to a couple big meals, a talent show and whatnot, and have got 550 people registered to attend. It'll be a real treat to see many of the faces; we're going to the beer gardens this afternoon.

The Margo Hall (left) has been renovated this year

At the bottom of this page there is, among other things, a handy a list of webpages I visit. Today I found a new one: click here and see how Susannah rescues a bee stuck to a rhododendron she has deadheaded. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help a fellow creature who's gotten himself into a sticky situation. Truly an inspiration... not only for the obvious heart she has, but for knowing what to do! I wouldn't have known where to start and would have been so afraid of hurting the bee accidentally that I might have done very little, or not enough.
And there is lots more good stuff on Susannah's blog. I have to drag myself away from the page or I'll be there a long time (when I really should get my ass in gear). Something tells me I will be checking into Susannah's blog often. Go see!