Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Snow on Ground

Since it's snowed, I'd best show you the last of the photos taken on my walks.

Occasionally I venture across the road for a stroll. It's Scott's dad's family's original homestead quarter, and they still farm it, but the old yard remains.

I like it over there, but am also nervous, probably because I've gone off-road into bush and long grass. You'd think I was a deer keeping her senses peeled for the presence of a cougar.

Speaking of which, one was spotted in the farmyard of friends just a few miles from here. I need to start carrying a shilele (sp?) with a spear that pops out of the end if needed. Or a rifle over my shoulder.    Moose don't unnerve me, but the thought of being attacked by a large cat is another story.

Clocks Postcard

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The work of F.L. and Jos. Bily, Ridgeway, Iowa, Route No. 2. A collection of clocks which took over twenty years to construct. Some of the clocks stand ten feet high. The clocks are carved in different kinds of wood, some imported. Some of the clocks play chimes and have movable figures carved in wood.