Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adult Stuff and Kid Stuff

We attended a family funeral (for a cousin of Scott's dad's) in Kuroki this week. In the above photo is a piece of history from "back in the day," installed on a back wall of the town hall.

The next day, my highschool partner-in-crime made an overnight visit from her present home in Swift Current. It was wonderful to have her here for more than a few hours and no, we didn't get into any trouble. Not at all. Not one bit. Uh uh. Nope. All grown up now. No more silliness. Right, Kim?

How do you like my farmer hat from Fairy Glen, next to the lamp? I wear it when, if watching TV, the overhead light in the kitchen is on and glaring in my eyes. Doesn't Fairy Glen sound like a nice place to go? Although I hear there's nothing there anymore but a bulk fuel station.

Didn't get a decent pic; here Scott and Kim chat while I get my PJs on and sneak around the corner with the camera.
Over the past two days we've had a good downpour; over an inch. More in some places. We needed it badly. Now it can stop and make way for some heat. The painted daisies have begun to open and a day of sunshine will make them brilliant.

The third farmers' market that I've attended (yesterday, as a vendor) was another "slow" one. I enjoyed my time there anyway and got to see Kim's parents for a few minutes when she brought them in for a quick hello. They were in town for a relative's memorial service. Their home was my second home when we were teenagers. Spent a hell of a lot of time there. Snuck in and out her bedroom window many times when coming and going at odd hours and not wanting to disturb the adults.

You know. Kid stuff.