Thursday, October 27, 2011

Email to Everett

You can see right through the caraganas at the edge of the front lawn now that most of their leaves have fallen. Yesterday morning I heard Scott knocking on the window before he opened the front door.
 "You get out of here! Git!" 
He said a coyote walked right down the middle of the driveway, then between the van and truck parked in front of the quonset, and straight toward the tractor shed where the cats live — as if it knew right where to go for breakfast. 

The other day the dogs and I were walking back from the north when an animal came out of our yard and went into the ditch on the other side of the road. I thought it was one of the cats, till it crossed the road again and I could see its fluffy tail. It then walked in our direction, not seeing us. I managed to get this picture before it noticed and dashed into the bush beside our house. It was a fox ... also scouting for cats, I bet. 

Didn't see Alice Cooper today or yesterday, or Misha. Hope they're just out hunting and make it back safely. 

We have about 10 cats out there and if someone indicates they've a friend looking for a cat, I can't imagine parting with even one of them. Each one comes for a cuddle, now, whenever I go out. It can be short and sweet but they're not happy till they get their due. 

Fall Colours