Thursday, May 26, 2016

Robins & Magpie

Michael Crummy was being interviewed on CBC Radio by Shelagh Rogers and I was sitting in the driver's seat, listening, having just arrived home from taking Emil into town.

During the 15 minutes till the end of the show, I watched a robin perched on top of the chimney on the roof of the tractor shed about 50 feet from the car. Or maybe it was watching me. It was standing lookout, apparently, over the yard.

When a fat smartypants magpie landed near the truck parked near Little Green (the car), it hopped around between the two vehicles, quite unconcerned, until suddenly from the air two missiles dived at it. The three swooped like lightning across the windshield of the car. I nearly jumped out of my seat.

The robins must have a nest very near, and they are having no truck with no magpies.

Taken through the car window

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Maggie Turner on "Tractor & Me": 
My oh my, how tractors have changed since I was a girl! Of course, the farm where I grew up did not require a large tractor, it was only 25 acres. There were no cabs, and I remember riding on beside my Dad, standing up; it couldn't have been all that safe, but back then people didn't think much about those kinds of things. 

Hell, Maggie, they still don't think enough about those kinds of things. You still see children on tractors and even driving other machinery, no matter how many public warnings there have been against it. I guess everyone thinks accidents only happen to other people. In short, they don't think.

I have lived in Nanaimo my whole life. In fact, my family had lived here for 162 years. I also work in Home Support and see and know a LOT of people. No doubt there is a connection somewhere. :-) 

No doubt!