Friday, April 12, 2013


Ahhh... another week's work done. I'm a little behind with the dishes, but not too far. Will get caught up  tomorrow. Emil's coming tonight; looking forward to seeing him.

I have a hankerin' for chocolate chip bran muffins. Might/could make those this weekend. Should be getting this office sorted out instead, I suppose.

Hang in there, I'll find the office picture. 
Here it is. What a mess eh. I've been paper challenged for a month or two. 
Surely I'll do both.

It is definitely spring. Yes there's lots of snow, but it's melting from the inside out. There was water laying on top of the Rubbermaid birdseed container when I went for a walk this afternoon.

 I did the whole half hour quite briskly and my back didn't complain even once. Yay! That felt fantastic. And: not only sans ski pants... sans long underwear! I was doubtful there, for the first while, but warmed up soon enough. It's good to feel normal again.

Alas already I catch myself bending to do things in the house, instead of squatting and rising straight up and down. When your back feels right, these things aren't an issue (till they are). It still has to be rested several times a day after standing at the kitchen counter, but as long as it gets those few minutes of respite, all is well. I hate being limited but don't have a choice. Back is boss and will heal completely in its own good time.

Gotta start doing yoga again. Actually, I'm soon going to have time for it every morning — the best time for it, because you enjoy the benefits the rest of the day and night — since one of my jobs has been made defunct (or something), and I'll finish on the 25th.

If I'm smart I won't wait till then to get started. The bod does love its stretches.