Monday, May 16, 2011

Off and Running for Another Week

Last weekend: Scott holds the door for Emil, who's going "home" for the week

9:53 a.m.
Now that it's summer(ish)time, Emil gets his wish, which is to stay here at Golden Grain Farm till "after supper" on Sundays. We still need to get him back by nine, which is bedtime for the residents of the group home, and having him come in later would likely be disturbing for them.

Luanne hadn't seen Emil in person since he was six years old, so she wasn't prepared for the beard or the deep voice.

Someone in bed with me last night tossed and turned and moaned and groaned for hours; thus I may be due for a nap after work this afternoon. Right now the wind is pretty cool so the horseshoe remained leaning up against the house in the minutes before my morning coffee was poured, but with luck I'll be tackling another section of the flower garden later on today. Got one cleaned up yesterday; love that magic hoe.