Sunday, January 24, 2010

Storm Stayed

How do you like the snow overhang out my office window?

Kinda looks like the underside of a great spaceship passing directly over the house. Guess who watched Star Trek with Everett last night.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

The snow’s still blowing and ice crystals sting your face (I was out filling the bird feeders, sweeping the step and knocking snow off a flattened lilac bush), and Scott said my van wouldn’t have made it to the other house yesterday.

He came this morning with the tractor and pushed snow around the yard but the potluck for his grandmother's 101st birthday in Kelvington is postponed. I made "bean dish" anyway; it won’t go to waste as long as Scott and Emil are around to help eat it. Baked a batch of bread too, so supper is taken care of. Everett's just pulled the eight loaves from the oven and is slicing into one. I can almost hear his drool hitting the kitchen floor from here.

Can’t say as I mind a winter storm when we’re all safe and warm at home and have everything we need.