Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seen Along the Road During My Walk South and Back

wild bergamot



bluebells? no. darn my memory!




something, and purple vetch


wild roses are pale and low to the ground this year, and late

30-yr-old steel-toed boots are the best walking shoes I own

Most, if not all, of the wildflowers shown above are medicinal plants. Kahlee Keane's book The Standing People identifies them and tells readers how to use them. Now where the sam hill did I put that book? I can't do without it. I may even have put it in my vehicle so that it could help me in my travels along country roads.

How weird is this? Someone at the Margo reunion thought Tammy Bohl was me (as I told your mom, Tammy, I'm flattered!). Considering that people have so often mistaken my dad and her dad for each other, this is not so surprising but it is the first time it’s happened.

At 10 to 4 last night a powerful wind blew through the yard, waking both Scott and me as we had every window in the house wide open. We got up to look out, and the black air was instantly calm and still. Then clouds moved away from a shining moon, and the birds immediately began chirping.
The news this morning reports storms in central Saskatchewan during the night—storms with baseball-sized hail that did a lot of damage.
Something wicked just missed us. More of the same is expected tonight.


My friend Cathy's brother lives with his wife in Vietnam and keeps a blog, which is in the list at the bottom of this page. Here, he visits a friend who contributes a guest entry to Owen's blog. Owen's friend is doing everything he can to help poor and rural people who have been affected by the Agent Orange that was sprayed all over the country during the war. Click here to find out what is happening and what Owen's friend is doing about it.