Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remember, it's Remembrance Day


Tank is not a fitting name for this six-month-old Yorkie who is looking for a home. My sister Karen hopes his new owner will give him a new and nicer name. He is for sale for $550. Did you know that Yorkies are among the few canine breeds that do not shed? How nice is that.

The Tank who belongs to Gunnar (Scott's son, my stepson) is an English bulldog — now his name suits him to a T.


Do you know anyone who has multiple sclerosis? If so, you've heard of the liberation treatment they are experimenting with; it's similar to an angioplasty for the heart, only with this they're opening up arteries in the patient's neck. A local lady has had it done and has been blogging about it. I've put a link to her blog in the list on the lower right of this page; check out Karen's Liberation.

The province of Saskatchewan has been funding experimental trials but most patients still have to travel to Europe and spend upwards of $10,000 from their own pockets. As you can imagine, many people aren't in a financial situation that permits them to do that.  Karen's community held fundraisers to help get her where she needed to go.


Barb, if I've read correctly the voting for those awards doesn't start till the new year. But thank you anyway. The thought does count. Actually, these awards are juried, which likely means only the jurors vote. Damned if I know. I'm sure Ms Schmutzie will explain it all when the time is right. I have no idea how my blog got nominated for a "feminist" award, though naturally I am one -- what person with a brain isn't?
Oh, and Saskatchewan sticks with Central Standard Time all year round. We don't suffer through the change, except in trying to remember that everyone else is suddenly an hour earlier than they were before.


I'm taking the day off in honour of Remembrance Day. It sounds like the roads are passable, though my old Dodge van may have to plough through the deep snow to get to town. Scott has already brought a tractor out and cleared the yard, but it looks like I'll have to shovel out my wheels before I can go anywhere.

He managed to solve the problem mentioned yesterday in the tarot section, so the card was right after all: things were back to normal by the evening. My Hero.


Molly Johnson is one of my favourite singers: