Monday, September 19, 2011

Like Sisters

Wildlife: a too-late entry for Joan's photo challenge...
Shelly arrived yesterday and so tonight we did try to get a photo of Old Friends for your current challenge, Joan, but in every picture one or the other of us had closed eyes or the pic was dark or it was always something. We'll try again while she's here.

I worked over the weekend so I could take today off just to spend hanging out with my friend of more than 30 years, and managed to keep her occupied this morning by having a leisurely breakfast, doing dishes, strolling through the flowerbeds to collect seeds for her to sow next spring, and going for a walk.

But by the afternoon she needed a project, and what was it going to be? The porch. The porch needed cleaning out badly, and she was determined to help me do it. It meant moving a bed from one room to another, moving another bed out of the porch, mucho sweeping and rearranging, and hauling of boxes and boards out to the quonset, and vacuuming, and stacking, and so on. But three hours later we were done and the porch is a new room.

Shelly's visits always remind me of Mom because when Mom would come to my house for a few days, she'd pick a room to tackle and she'd slough it out bigtime and I loved it. (Grandma used to do something similar whenever she visited Mom's house, too). It gave me a little motivation, not to mention a lot of help. The best birthday gift I ever got, I'm sure, was one time when Shelly showed up at my house and cleaned out the fridge. 

And now off I go to get rested up for tomorrow. Who knows what she will want to do then! I will need all my energy.