Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Happened to Winter?

Rose-breasted grosbeak.

Now we've got unseasonably mild weather. But no one is complaining.

A lot of people go to Mexico. Karen and Dick got there yesterday. Cathy's going in a few days. Kim and Daryl seem to go often, as it's their favourite holiday destination in the winter months. Scott looked at me this morning and wondered whether we are missing out on something, whether going to Mexico is a trip we should be wanting for ourselves.

Having been there once, I told him it's a place he should go, that he might enjoy it and besides, we have friends (Andries and Mayte) down there whom we'd like to see again and very likely won't unless we make the trip.

But first ... the house and renovations have to get paid for. And Scott has to figure out how to run his business so that he can actually take time off for leisure. That's a big hurdle right there. And somehow we both have to get excited about the idea of going anywhere. As it is, my idea of a perfect day is one where I don't have to leave home. Fortunately I have a lot of those perfect days, afforded to me by my lovely little job that requires only a computer and internet connection.

Which reminds me, I'd better get back to it.