Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Deb and Colin, The Friendly Giant, and So On

Oh my godenheimerness, check this out:
CBC is celebrating its 75 years and Deb McGrath and her husband are saying their piece.
I crack up when Deb snorts! She is The Best.

You'll have to scroll down for Deb and Colin's bit, but don't forget to come back up and watch an episode of The Friendly Giant. Now that brings back some lovely memories. And it's still fine TV!

If you haven't seen Deb and Barb's webpage, click here. HERE!

And you can find out more about Bob Homme, the Friendly Giant, at the Canadian Encyclopedia. Click here. HERE!

And while you're poking about the encyclopedia, why not have a look at Deb's bio here, and Colin's here.

And a couple articles I've written:
Little Mosque on the Prairie (the TV show)
Stuart McLean (storyteller extraordinaire)
Nell Shipman (one of the first movie stars)

There, that should do for today's reading.
Now I suppose you're expecting a picture:

This year's batch of kittens are getting brave enough to come closer to the house. This is Birdie running up the maple tree.