Sunday, August 23, 2009

Angels Among Us

Look at these two little sweethearts! Angels if ever there were any.
These darlings, Kelsey and Elizabeth, are the daughters of my cousins Jolene and Leanne (Uncle Neil's daughters).
These photos were taken at the Benson (Mom's) family reunion.
These two aren't quite so little nor so angelic, but they're sweet too. Danielle, on the left, is my niece (sister Karen's daughter), and Heather is my cousin (Neil's daughter).

Definitely no angels, the older they come the worse they get. May I present The Ugly Sisters:

 The one on the right (me) is badly in need of a haircut and the one on the left (Karen) doesn't usually look quite so goofy. The baby (Joan) is always as cute as a button.